After church, R and I go out to plant the 20 asparagus he picked up from Soil and Conservation. Every year they send a flyer around the end of February with order forms and the list of plants. The flyer is not much to look at, just plain yellow or green Xeroxed lists of fruit Read More →

Our meditation group meets every Tuesday morning at 8am. This Tuesday, after the indescribable horror of the bombs at the Boston Marathon yesterday, I am grateful to find myself in the company of friends.   I begin the meditation time by acknowledging that we are all heartsick. Their eyes are all on me. I know Read More →

A cold and rainy day. I see swollen, pale green buds on the lilacs, but the cold temperatures are holding back the bloom. As often as I can, I check our bird feeders to see who has returned. The first sight of a tree full of grackles a few weeks ago, their bronze neck feathers Read More →

Today it dawns on me that we are about to take off for 2 days in Boston. I cannot ask our house sitter to spend every evening first locating the rooster who might or might not be under the forsythia where she might or might not get scratched by the tangle of branches. Then keeping Read More →