Here is how the first day of May on the farm unfolds. Up at 5am to feed and let the animals out. Spoil the goats with a graham cracker or two as I fill their water bowls, make sure they have hay. There is still not enough grass in the pasture, but soon. Make a Read More →

Is it just because it’s Monday or do I sense something gone wrong in the universe? I awoke feeling so heavy, as if I wanted to cry. It is a beautiful spring day. Temperatures are in the high 50’s. We have lots of sun and blue sky washed with a few thin clouds. This is Read More →

I preached today one town over in Castine. It is a small simple stone church a block in from the water. The inside structure looks like the ribs of a ship. The winter congregation is small, perhaps 35 people. Some are older but there are two young couples in their late twenties and thirties and Read More →

In the afternoon, I go for a walk through our woods. There is a new path that R and our friend, Adam, have cleared. I x-county skied on the path last winter.  The sight of the tall evergreens against the white snow, the stillness, the sun pooling on the bright green moss made me feel Read More →