The Shining Now   The rain reminds me of moments, each a  shining now, falling clear-eyed into the dark soil   of the earth, the only sign of life the hum of all those souls thumping   against the dirt just before they surrender the power of one to the all in all   seeping Read More →

June Rain The farmer watches fog dipped green peaks darken deeper green leaves drip green the stream overflows. It’s past blossom drop, branches beaded with cold slowed peaches shiver under shiftless clouds clumping and unclumping.   He has already surrendered prayers, a lucky back-up rabbit tail and his favorite hat to make the rain stop, Read More →

One day a bolster of grey silk clouds bank the horizon and fog drifts on the silver skin of the bay, the next blue enamels the sky and the sea is rippled with golden nerves. One day the wind deliberately rips the bay into frayed waves and rain fingers the roof, the next sun bakes Read More →