On a breathtakingly beautiful fall day, my husband, Robert, and I decided to take a drive to Camden just for the fun of it. It was a cool day with an enamel blue sky and bright sunshine. The colors of the dying leaves, the blue of the bay reflecting the blue of sky, the sun Read More →

The last gasp of autumn’s fiery red is as striking as I have ever seen it. My garden still has a few pastel flowers clinging to their dying stems, pale memories of summer. The weather people will tell you that at the beginning of November the average day temperature is 51 degrees and by the end Read More →

Last week a friend and I were out for a walk, looking for newly arrived warblers, when a car drew up to us and stopped. We recognized a couple that live down at the end of our road. The driver leaned forward intently and asked if it was true. What is the “it” I asked Read More →

I’ve been thinking a lot about community lately. The community we live in, the community some of us worship in, the community we work in, the global community that we join when in our case our daughter moves to Senegal to do work in the Peace Corps and introduces us to her “family” over there. Read More →