The next evening, I decide I will go looking for him to try to re-connect him with the others and hope for a truce between father and son.  It is still cold, the temperatures in the mid-twenties, and if he doesn’t freeze to death, the chances of his getting eaten by coyotes or the bobcat are Read More →

I chase my exiled black bantam rooster into the yard from his solo layer in the barn. It is warm and sunny and he needs the air. He has been solo for two days while we were in Boston. His gorgeous fire engine red comb and wattles streak through the air as he flees behind Read More →

Today for the first time since last fall, the ground receives my feet and holds on to them. It pleases me to feel the earth yield after being frozen solid all winter. Then the words Mother and Earth rise up in me. Mother Earth. Mother Earth, I say again. The earth is soft and warm. Read More →

I am someone who remembers dreams and carries them inside me for days, always hoping to unravel their message. They frequently become like a novel I am reading. I can’t put them down.   Last night I dreamed about my mother. She came to me surrounded by a bright light, her face right up into Read More →