I’m not sure whether it’s bottle feeding our three little Nigerian dwarf kids and smelling milky all day long, or whether it’s all the hype about Mother’s Day that got me to thinking about mothering and most specifically my mother. I remember always wishing my mother were more “normal”. I envied my friend, Marion, whose Read More →


I saw my first red wing black bird last evening and I helped my friend Ann  put up three new blue bird boxes in our backfield. She puts a small peat pot into the box where the mama blue bird will make her nest. That way the pot can be pulled out for observation to Read More →


The lime green and burgundy stalks of Skunk Cabbage are poking up along the road where I walk Wesley. The other day I saw the Canadian geese are back in Castine Harbor. No warblers yet, but lots of bird activity around my feeders. Everywhere I walk around the farm, I hear the chickadee mating  call Read More →


We are deep into the season of Lent, that time in the Christian year set aside to take stock of who we are and whose we are. In my humble opinion, Lent is not about what you are giving up, but rather whom you are willing to give into.  I preached this a few Sundays Read More →