It has been two months to the day that I last posted anything. I feel as if I had pushed the pause button sometime in late July and now I long to be restored to me. There are good and bad things in me, secret passageways and surprises in me that I was afraid I Read More →

I wake thinking to myself that there is much to be grateful for on this mid-summer Monday morning. Many of our children are about to arrive to spend their summer time in Maine, and I look forward to what we call “porch time” to learn about their lives, their hopes and dreams and even to Read More →


It is July already, and we have just been through what we here on the farm refer to as the season of doing and not being. All of May and June we rush about planting, weeding, replanting, spraying, pruning, mowing, weed eating. The animals still need to be fed and watered and let out to Read More →


The lilacs have been glorious. Now in their dying they seem to release an even more intense sweetness that stirs memories of my childhood on the farm I grew up on in Virginia. We had lilacs that grew all around our farmhouse. One pale lavender bush, in particular, was right under my bedroom window. A Read More →